Extreme Rage Paintball Park is rated #1 in the entire South Florida Area.  We have been serving Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Dade, and Broward County for many years.  Extreme Rage Park is centrally located and easily accessible from all the major highways.  Both FLL and MIA airports are close by as well.  It is a family owned and operated business.  We have over 20 years of experience in the paintball industry.  We have to offer four playing areas which include two wooded and two air ball fields. 

Both the wooded area and the air ball fields are lit up at night with lights.  The wooded areas consist of hills, tunnels, sniper towers, machine gun bunkers, and even little huts to simulate a village.  We also have a five bedroom house to simulate close combat quarters.  We also offer scenario games both at night and during the day with smoke machines, grenades, etc. in the wooded area.   The air ball fields are X-ball and NPPL fields.  These fields are perfect for both recreational and competitive players.  For recreational players you get to experience the adrenaline flowing as you play in a fast pace game just like the pros. 

The competitive players get to have an edge on the competition as the field lay outs are set up before the competitions to practice on them.  ER Park sets up the fields to cover all the leagues (PSP Events, NPPL, Sunshine Series, and USPL)

Extreme Rage Paintball Park specializes in birthday parties, corporate team building events, youth groups, church outings, bachelor parties, summer camp activities, family & friends get together, fraternity and sorority challenges, weekend warriors, and even the adrenaline junkies.  We can accommodate everyone.  

Our facilities have a full line of rental equipment to accommodate around 150 participants at one time with equipment.  ER Park’s equipment consists of Electronic Vibes for markers, chest and neck protectors, camouflage jumpsuits, harnesses, full head shields, and also electronic hoppers.  At Extreme Rage Paintball Park it is not an upgrade for the electronic markers, it is the standard equipment. 

Your entry to the park and the rental equipment is not on a time frame, it is unlimited use and play.  ER Park also has a pro shop with new equipment if you desire to purchase.  ER Park invites you to come out and experience the adrenaline rush of the fastest growing extreme sport.  Our staff is ready to assist and provide you with you with a safe and enjoyable time at the park.



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Every Friday you can purchase a box of 2000 rounds for only $40.  It has to be purchased at the time of registration.  Only one box per registration.

On Friday’s you may also bring your own paint, however it cannot be pink, red, or orange that stains.  We recommend that you use yellow to avoid the hassel of being told that it cannot be used.

2010 Field Lay Outs

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To all the teams, please advise what lay outs you want so we can set them up for you guys!

We will set up either PSP or USPL lay outs.