CO2 HPA Paintball Thick Coiled Remote QD ON/OFF
April 29, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Fits any Tippmann Gun
  • Stretches to approximately 4 feet
  • on/off
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Rated at 3000 PSI

Product Description
Features Surpasses CGA Standards for Quality Assurance 3000 PSI Rated Coil With Improved Flexibility Allows for Safe and Convenient Disconnection of Marker from Coil Assembly May be used with CO2 Tanks or HPA Tanks

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    1. This device definitely works; it lets you connect your air tank to the remote coil, allowing you to carry your tank in your belt. A few weeks after I bought mine, the release valve started to hiss. It has a self-bleeding connector, which is actually a disadvantage because it’s more complicated inside and prone to breaking. I bought a non-self-bleeding connector, and the difference is that now, I need to fire my gun about ten to twenty times to empty the hose after disconnecting my CO2 tank, and it doesn’t waste CO2 hissing like crazy when I screw in my tank.

      I also needed to install a thicker o-ring into my Tippmann A-5′s tombstone adapter/screw in order to attach the remote line directly to the bottom of my gun/marker instead of the rear of the handle.

      Overall, it’s a great buy because it reduces the weight of your marker and makes it easier to go prone and aim in general without the air tank in your way. I highly recommend it.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    2. **Son writing reveiw** I got the tippman remote about one and a half months ago and i used it more than once and it is very usefull; becouse it makes your gun weigh less (that also makes it easyer to run with and makes you go faster), is very durable (becouse when it was connected to my gun a droped it and held my A-5 with a flat line barrel and hopper full of paint up and didn’t break), and you can have a stock with an A-5 with a 20oz cO2 tank, but it is not perfict becouse if your like me and like to lay your gun on a table or bench you will have to take your cO2 out of the harness (or vest) and then lay it on a table or carry it everywere you go but it helps when you are playing in game after game. When i was setting up my o-ring broke for the remote and i got sprayed in the face with cO2 (and scared the crap out of me!) and broke the o-ring on my cO2 tank but other than that it is a Great product.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    3. Ordered 2 of these for my brother and I. The gauge on the first one blew off and air leaks. Second one does not screw on properly and leaked. Used some duct tape to make them work
      Rating: 1 / 5

    4. I received this remote in great condition and in a reasonable timeframe.

      I like the quick disconect feature, but please make sure if you have one of these, discharge your marker first. Disconnecting with air in the line is just as explosive as not having your bottle turned off.

      Rating: 4 / 5

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