Gen X Global Lightweight Tactical Vest Paintball Harness – CAMO
April 28, 2010  |  News, Rage Store

Product Description
Features Holds 4 – 140 Round Pods in FrontTank Pouch on the back of the vestBreathable meshLightweight compared to most vests

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    1. This item is great buy for many reasons!

      Lightweight – This vest is light weight and cool! You need to be able to move and the mesh material makes that easy and it also breathes. It can get really hot when running around getting shot at, so this vest helps from over heating yourself!

      Efficient – There are TONS of compartments! It holds 6 pods with a great pod-release eject system, 6 co2 tanks (for airsofting/paint handguns), two zipper pockets, a tank holder in the back (good it you have a remote coil – recommended) and lastly, it even has a pouch on the back for a cell phone!

      Durable – When it comes to getting down in the dirt and jumping over obstacles, this has been a pretty tough vest. It show no sign of wear n’ tear!

      And lastly….

      PRICE – This vest is just as good as the other vests you’ll see for $50 bucks. In this economy, I need to save as much money as possible! This is a good way to do it!

      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. I’ve been playing paintball for quite a long time (25+ years) and I’ve seen all sorts of products. This vest isn’t too bad for the price. I wanted a lightweight vest with a remote tank holder for relatively short games and this fits the bill. The other remote harnesses that I have are more for longer scenario games and these days when I’m not playing with a stock class pistol I hardly shoot more than 400 rounds…all day.

      Again, I probably wouldn’t choose this vest for scenario games. For one thing it doesn’t have a hydration bladder or holder for such. For another even though they say it holds 140 round pods, it feels more comfortable holding 100 round pods. They way it’s sewn it’s tight on the diameter of the pods and there’s no elastic in that dimension…it wont hold slightly bigger Dye lock lids (my personal favorite) very well for example; you have to force them in.

      The bottle holder isn’t anything that great to speak of. There’s only one strap holding the tank horizontally and no straps at all to hold it in. most decent remote pouches have two straps horizontally and two straps holding the tank in. I can imagine the tan bouncing out while running…although it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out how to strap the tank in using that odd strap that runs down the back.

      The “radio” strap that runs down the back…on mine it was a bit long. There is an adjustment but even adjusted all the way it’s still loose. If you decide to use the radio pouch it’s going to be bouncing around a lot. Perhaps it was simply a slight production error.

      The radio pouch itself is small, although I’m sure it will fit the smaller ones. My radio is a Motorola Talkabout 7100, a bit on the big side for that class radio but not outrageous either. It won’t fit my radio at all, not even close.

      There’s a removable (velcro) 12 gram holder inside the right hand front pouch, and three spaces on the right shoulder for 12 grams (they would slip out while running I’m sure) or 10 round tubes. I really don’t see the point at all. If you’re going to be carrying a backup pistol five 12 grams and three cigar tubes just don’t add up logically if you’ve ever played with pistols. You would probably be better off just shoving some tubes into the side pocket of your BDU’s.

      There’s a double zippered and velcro’d pocket behind the tank pouch. I’m not sure why it’s there. Since the vest is so thin I’ll probably use it to insert padding for my back. It’s a little too small for a dump pouch and awkward to get to while wearing.

      There’s no height adjustment but it seems to fit my 6 foot frame just fine. I’m not the skinniest guy in the world at 39 and width wise the adjustment tabs are good enough for extra jumbo fellows.

      The fit and finish isn’t great. There’s a lot of loose thread ends and some bunching in the stitching…someone at the factory doesn’t know how to adjust the bobbin. It’s good enough but just barely so.

      One of the reviewers complained that the pods came open while belly crawling. This is not a vest for belly crawling. The pods are on the front, in front of your belly. Duh. If you want to belly crawl, which I often do by the way, get something where all the pods are on your back, and nothing in on your front…and you would probably be better off with the tank on gun to boot. I personally bought this vest to use with my obnoxiously large e-gripped A5. When I’m in the mood to be sneaky I use a much nicer and smaller gun and simpler rig.

      Bottom line; this vest is just OKay. I’ve seen vests for twice the price that are MUCH more than twice as good as this. Knowing what I know now I’d probably spring for a better vest, but it’s too cheep to return. It’ll probably get used a couple of times, get borrowed, and then given away.

      Rating: 3 / 5

    3. Ok I dont own this and i have a question is it big for maybe a xl or xxl because im not the skinniest person. I am thinking of getting this for airsoft not for protection but for holding things so does it have a big enough pocket to hold a pistol? and does it have a safe spot for my ipod touch because i dont want it falling out or breaking from a shot because my friends have very powerful gas guns and aegs and snipers and pistols shotguns and some homemade modded guns. is it comfortable over a shirt and underarmor? please answer my question either a owner friend of a owner or seller.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    4. This vest is perfect for a big guy. Say a husband who is 6’2″ and weighs about 330. It is light weight, comfortable, and secure. Wish it held the pods in the back just because I can’t lay on my belly, but other than that it is great.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    5. First of all, this vest is very light and can carry many things. I like the fact that it can carry a tank on the back if you have a remote. The bad part of this vest is that it is pretty big… I had a hard time playing speed ball with this since the pods jump up and down while sprinting. This vest however, can adjust the width… but I was using it on the tightest width possible so I dont really understand why they made it really big in the first place. My upper body size is fairly average for a person thats 170cm (stomach around 80cm fat) so I suggest you getting this vest if your taller and buffer than me or else your going to have a hard time carrying pods around hitting your nuts while running (i’m joking but it might XD).
      Rating: 4 / 5

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