Pure Energy N2 Compressed Air Tank
April 29, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Compressed air tank with black rubber fill valve dust cover
  • Includes yellow thread cap and rebuild/repair instructions
  • Lightweight aluminum composite
  • Pure energy reactor regulator

Product Description
Features5 Year BottleFully Adjustable regulatorFully rebuildable regulatorLifetime Limited Warranty on RegulatorUser replaceable bonnetNew V3.0 Fill Nipple provides greater longevityProduct Description
The 72 is one of Pure Energy’s pro level air systems. This system combines a popular bottle and the top-of-the-line Pure Energy Reactor regulator. The Pure Energy Reactor regulator has a preset output pressure set between 800-900 PSI. This air-system works great with any marker on the market, from Piranhas to Angels. Because Pure Energy Reactor regulators are now re-buildable, this system is one of the most user-friendly, screw-in air systems in paintball. On most markers you can expect to get 700-1100 shots from a full fill. The exemption for Pure Energy’s carbon fiber bottle means you only have to have it re-hydrotested every five years. With the CFT piston and a streamlined setup, this air system is both extremely consistent over the chronograph and has very little drop off as you shoot the gas out of the tank (life of the fill). These are attributes sometimes found in much more expensive air-systems packaged into a smaller, easier-to-use, screw-in system.

Feature Detail:

  • 72 cubic inches lightweight aluminum composite
  • Consistent flow technology piston
  • Mil-spec Belleville springs
  • Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety
  • Mechanical gauge
  • Nickel plated brass bonnet
  • Certified fill nipple and dual locking set screws

Method of Operation:
Preset screw-in air system

72 cubic inches lightweight aluminum composite

Power Supply:
Compressed air or nitrogen

11 inches

3.1 pounds

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Pure Energy N2 Compressed Air Tank

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    1. Half the price of a carbon fiber tank that holds less air? CHECK

      Sturdy? CHECK

      Reliable? CHECK

      Have been using this tank for tad bit over a year at time of this review. I play woodsball/scenario. Have not had one single problem with this tank so far. I use this tank with an SP-8 Tactical Sniper, a remote air system and a scuba tank for refills. Thus far, I am extremely happy with this tank as part of my set-up. All the guys on my team use 48Cu tanks and have to refill after almost every run. I usually only fill up once a day. Sometimes 2x’s. Depending on number of opposing teams we face and how much air is left in my scuba tank.

      If you use a remote air system, this tank is a must have. If u screw a tank directly onto your gun, buy this tank and a remote. you will be glad you did. Stores charge the same for a tank fill, regardless of tank size, (atleast where i live) so a larger tank is easier on your wallet and this one is WAY cheaper than the carbon fibers.

      Highly recommend this to other players.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. This is honestly a beast of a tank it is very sturdy, and holds a large amount of air. it is also extremely heavy, i cannot even attach it to my ion because it will mess up the screws. with a coil however and a backpack or however you want to carry it its great! especially if you dont get free air refills or have to travel for your air.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    3. This tank is just like any other tank except what caught my eye was the price tag. It’s a little on the heavy side (obviously) because of the size. But for woodsballers (with milsim markers) who go 20oz and up for CO2 and 50ci and up for HPA should think of remote coil anyway. I got this in hopes of one day doing a war game that will last for more than a day. I don’t want to leave the field just to fill in the tank every 500 shots or so.

      For those who play all day or shoot more than a case of paint a day, get the bigger tanks such as this one. With the right harness, it’s more convenient over all than not.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    4. This is a fine working Air Tank, save for one fact. It weighs so much that it strips the screws holding my regulater to my marker. Beyond that, if you fill her up, you’re set for all day. I’d recommend it for anyone with some good upper arm strength, the frail need not apply, especially if your marker weighs 8 pounds or more.
      Rating: 3 / 5

    5. I found that this tank is a little on the heavy side, but putting that aside it its a great tank to have because you do not need to fill it all that often.

      I now use this with a remote air line from my pack.

      Still a good bargain for the money.

      Will let you shoot alot of paint.
      Rating: 4 / 5

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