Sports Sensors Paintball Radarchron
April 29, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Small microwave Doppler radar sensor for measuring paintball speed
  • Built-in microprocessor calculates foot-per-second speed on LCD display
  • Captures speeds between 150 and 450 feet per second (+/- 2 percent accuracy)
  • Rugged plastic housing seals internal electronics from dust, dirt, and moisture
  • Measures 2.5 x 1.19 x 3.5 inches (W x H x D); weighs less than 3 ounces

Product Description
Safety is of paramount importance in the sport of paintball, and keeping markers shooting paintballs at a safe speed is an essential part of paintball safety. All fields and tournaments have limits on maximum paintball speed, and these guidelines need to be followed by recreation players playing in unsupervised areas. Tournaments and fields have check-in stations where markers are chronographed for paintball speed before play. However, markers can “get out of tune” during play and exceed paintball speed Product Description
Keep your paintball marker operating safely with the Paintball Radarchron from Sports Sensors. The Paintball Radarchron is a small, inexpensive microwave Doppler radar sensor that measures the speed of a paintball as it’s shot from a marker, helping you assess whether your marker meets prescribed safety limits. Users have their choice of holding the device in their hand close to the marker barrel, or they can attach the Radarchron to the barrel with a simple loop strap. Once in place, the device measures paintball speeds within a range of 150 to 450 feet per second, at +/- 2 percent of accuracy.

Hold the Radarchron close to the marker barrel to measure paintball speed.

The Radarchron has proven so successful that many tournaments have written its use into their official rules, as its innovative design allows game officials to conveniently measure speeds before, after, and during competition. The Radarchron is microprocessor controlled–like a mini-computer–and indicates calculated foot-per-second paintball speed on a two-segment liquid crystal display. In addition, the Radarchron is tough enough to withstand serious punishment, with a rugged plastic housing that’s sealed to protect the internal electronics from dust, dirt, and moisture encountered during normal use. Perhaps best of all, the Radarchron is simple, safe, and effective. The unit, which offers one-button operation, boasts a transmission level that’s well below that of most wireless consumer products, such as cell and portable phones, for example. Transmission characteristics are also well within FCC, CA, and CE requirements and prescribed safety levels.

The Radarchron runs on a 3-volt, 160 milliampere/hour lithium battery, which delivers roughly 30 hours of operating life (or more than 3,600 speed measurements). It’s also notably compact at 2.5 by 1.19 by 3.5 inches (W x H x D), with a weight of less than 3 ounces.

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    1. This item works as advertised and is always within 1-2 fps of the field chrono stations. If you frequently tinker with or upgrade your marker this is a must have so you can get everything setup at home before you go to the field. Once you are at the field and get some field paint you can adjust your fps to as close to the field maximum without waiting in line and taking up the refs time. Too many times I have been behind someone who chronos at 350, adjusts their velocity 1/8 of a turn, and then rechronos at 345 and usually the refs are too nice to make them go to the back of the line. Now I know that I am ready to go when the refs chrono chrono and don’t have to worry about carrying tools onto the field. I own an ION XE which takes a regular wrench to adjust and most fields I have played at have strict policies about carrying tools onto the field and only have hex keys at the chrono station.

      I have never played outlaw but if I did I could chrono everyone myself.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. This is a nice crono if you are looking for portability. Its a bit of a pain to use since it has to be placed in a very specific spot from the barrel tip (2 inches from tip, 1/2 inch from touching barrel ) but hey, you can wear it with the velcro strap. This is a great crono if you are a ref or just want to crono your marker after maintenance.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    3. No need for a long review. Works exaclty as advertised. I tested it with high dollar equipment and it gave the same readings within 2 fps. If you need one, buy this one. You’ll be happy.
      Rating: 5 / 5

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