Do-All Outdoors Paintball Auto Reset Target
May 30, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Auto Reset Targets

Product Description
The Do-All Traps Paintball (Model #PB8001) is also made for paintball markers. This unit is a brightly colored hands free resetting system. As the paintball strikes each target, the force spins the target over to the vertical position. To reset the system, simply shoot the reset target or each individual target and begin another round of practice or competition. The Do-All Traps Paintball is the best buy in the paintball industry.

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    1. This item does not work at all. Actual target size is about 2.5 inches. Good luck hitting it. Directions recommend standing back 90 feet. I had to stand so close to make the target even move that the paint would actually splatter on me. It is solid steel but thats the problem. The paintball is not strong enough to make the target swing into the up position. Also, the target is only 1 foot off the floor because your supposed to stake it into the ground. Your always shooting downward unless you lay on the floor. Save your money, shoot an empty can. This item may be better suited for real bullets.
      Rating: 1 / 5

    2. Wow. This an exellent item that last way longer than any normal target, and you get Super Shipping with it. Auto-Resettable is a very nice feature. You could spend hours with this thing. The only problem is, you might hit it so hard, you could mess up the targets. But, that’s why they include spare whachimacallits. All in all, A great buy.
      Rating: 5 / 5

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