Invert 20/20 with Fan Thermal Paintball Goggles – Olive
May 8, 2010  |  Rage Store

Product Description
Features The Invert 20/20 goggle is designed to perfect your field of vision. Built to out-perform any other goggle in its class, it is the perfect blend of form and function. It has forced air ventilation technology and an integrated motorized fan to eradicate fog! The sleek Invert 20/20 goggle is loaded with an Invert clear thermal lens, silicon beaded non-slip strap, molded hypo-allergenic foam, adjustable visor, chin strap, and a maintenance free exhaust fan. Features: -Built in motorized fan – Thermal lens -Soft comfy foam – Adjustable fit – Includes goggle bag and batteries

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    1. the fan is way too noisy with very little air but if you cut out the foam in front of it it will work to help reduce fog but it was still very uncomfortable on my nose it just doesn’t fit right maybe a smaller head I take a seven and half hat size. also the chin strap is worthless it just pops off so I can’t personally recommend this mask.

      I have purchased 4 masks and out of all of them this was the most uncomfortable,

      I now use the J.T. flex eight Camo full head protection mask it’s not perfect the fan still makes too much noise and you still have to cut out the plastic grid in front of the fan but the toggle switch blows in both directions and the mask covers the whole head including the back. it sounds hot but it’s actually cooler because it’s a vented grid as opposed to trying to cover your poor head with some thick hat that’s going to have you sweating buckets over your eyes.

      I also had to modify both masks by bolting on an extra piece of plastic to cover that pressure point just below and behind the ear lobe, trust me you don’t want to take a paintball there.

      I hope this has been helpful

      Hung out.

      Rating: 2 / 5

    2. The fan works great, but the lens is a little blurry. But its way better than being fogged in. Also as the battery runs down to about half the fan begins to struggle to keep up. You get a good four hours on a strong fan speed and then it wavers. I plan to just change it out every four for optimum use.
      Rating: 3 / 5

    3. if you play paintball and you have ever had a fogged up mask you should know what i mean.So stop playing it cheap and get this combo or just get the fan but it really only fits “proto” and “jt’s” types masks so this is the best it never fogged and it keeps your face cool and sweat free the padding inside is very soft to my face and is easy to clean… the only reason it got a 4 star and not a 5 star is because of two things the fan does make a small amount of sound which is bad for any woodsball players and the shipping took forever the mask doesn’t make weight to be shipped through ups on amazon so it got switched to fedex i paid for ups next air day and got it standard fedex ground which was about 5 days not including the process time of 2 days but it came…. I’ll also say try to get it directly from [...] they only use ups to ship things but other than that the mask is god like!
      Rating: 4 / 5

    4. Purchased as gift for my husband. He loves the fan feature and has used it 4-5 times so far with no complaints.
      Rating: 4 / 5

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