Tippmann A-5 Basic Paintball gun
May 9, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Includes the allen wrench set, spare tank o-ring, marker lubricant, cleaning cable, barrel sleeve
  • 8 1/2 inch high performance stone-honed barrel; semi-automatic, .68 caliber receiver with open bolt blow back
  • Patented cyclone feed system for faster feeding and firing; all aluminum die-cast receiver for durability
  • Fully customizable to enhance performance; 200 round wide mouth hopper; fully compatible for CO2, compressed air or nitrogen
  • Full one year warranty on missing or defective parts
  • New more durable and stronger black paint finish; front cocking knob allows for fully enclosed receiver
  • Shock absorbing end cap reduced wear and recoil

Product Description
Why has the X7 become the most popular marker in woodsball? is it X7’s unmatched performance with the enhanced eP Cyclone Feed and external selector e-grip? is it X7’s customizability with over 30 mods, giving the user 1,000s of looks to create? is it X7’s modifiability, with four Picatinny rails that makes adding sights, handles, and scopes a breeze? or is it X7’s lightweight magnesium receiver and low profile hopper? it’s all of the above along with many other upgrades that raise the bar for style and performance, and make it the ultimate woodsball marker.

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    1. Tippman paintball guns are some of the most reliable on the market. They are durable, and they don’t break paint. I’ve shot at least 10,000 rounds through my A-5 in the last 4 months, and I’ve have had only 2 break in the barrel. A-5′s are cheap compared to a lot of guns, and for the quality of the gun it is a steal. You can also easily get upgrades for the A-5. The A-5 stock barrel is not very good, so I use a J+J Ceramic barrel. For newbies, make sure you buy good paint. The cheap stuff will not shoot straight. It is worth it to pay $10 more and actually hit someone.If you are just starting to play paintball, the A-5 or Tippman custom 98 would be excellent choices for a marker.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. This gun is truely amazing. This gun is easy to field strip and clean, rugged and tough, dependable, and upgradable.

      I recommend this gun for beginners and pros alike. Depending on your play style, you can customize and/or upgrade this gun to your hearts desire and paintball needs. Speedball? Get an E-Grip and big Shot barrel. Woodsball? Get a Flatline barrel and a stock. This gun will grow with you.

      The cycolne feed is perfect. I have not seen a ball break with it yet. It is capable of putting 15 paintballs per second into the chamber. (You would need a response trigger or E-grip to do that)

      This gun is the last one I will need to buy for several years.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    3. this gun it just plain awsome i bought one a year ago and its just great.
      The good.
      every thing about it. it has a 1/4 inch trigger pull, it has never broken/cliped a single ball!!!, dead on acurate (after i got a new barrel), if you turn the volosity up it can take bark off trees :) fun, modeled after an mp5k, feals like a real gun not a piece of sporting goods.
      The bad.
      Stock barrel is nothing more than a piece of crap(the gun makes it usable). its long so don’t get it for spead ball… thats all i can think of.
      sum it up
      5.5 stars i love this gun and would recomend it for any 1.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    4. After doing much research on a site like http://www.pbreview.com this gun got rave reviews and they definitely are correct. I am just using the stock a-5 (no modifications i.e flatline barrel)and pmi premium paintballs. This gun is accurate, has it’s unique chambering system, and hasn’t broken one ball yet inside the barrel.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    5. Okay, I give this gun a Five star because it is a good Marker, considering when you upgrade this baby it become a true baddAss, with a little cost of course, but I gotta say, becareful where you buy this from, my first tippmann a-5 that I ordered here at Amazon, came in all messed up, there was a leak sum where in the gun, trust me its not a common leak you can fix with a new o-ring or all those other trouble shooting S#it that I spend so much time trying to read up, maybe because of poor packing, or maybe a defect I don’t know, but I sold that one and got a new one with an E-Grip “Works Great” I shot my trash can from a good destant and it made a hole, “Gotta luv it”.
      Rating: 5 / 5

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