Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Tactical Edition Paintball Marker w/eGgrip
May 11, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Alpha Black markers offer durability, reliability and realism at an affordable price and incorporate several popular features and upgrades
  • All aluminum die cast receiver with patented inline bolt system. Delivers consistent and reliable performance shot after shot.
  • 11″ Barrel for better accuracy
  • Integrated extra large carry handle for comfort and convenience.
  • Removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit

Product Description
Alpha Black Tactical Marker includes an M16 style six position collapsible stock and an M16 style shroud with built-in site. The eGrip offers semi auto, three shot burst and full safety auto modes. The marker comes with a high-performance 11″ barrel, an integrated carry handle and a removable magazine.

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    1. This is one the best scenarios markers around…. You will be pleased with the quality of it (material used, realistic feel).

      It’s quite heavy and will give a true felling of the the real gun… Therefore, I would advise to get a Sling in order to attach to the vest, otherwise you will definatelly get tired of carring after a few rounds of scenario game…

      The Alpha Black is mainly a Tippmann 98 already customized right our of the box.

      All the internals are the same as well… If you need to replace anything, it will be quite easy to find the parts for it.

      As an advice, one of the best things you can add to this marker is a cyclone… In order to this.. you have to get the 98 Custom Cyclone.. File down the border (since it’s the only difference from the 98 to the Alpha Black), which does not allow the connector of the cyclone to match the AB right out of the box…

      With the cyclone the weapon really comes alive… (And I am not talking about the E-Grip yet)

      This is also an additional resource, since you can then use the Tactical Loader, which comes in capacity of 50 or 20 rounds and will fit the cyclone adaptor.

      There are plenty of websites that teaches you how to do this.. Just look over at Google and you will find… You don’t even need to replace the internals since they are Cyclone ready..

      For the money, this is definatelly the one of the best markers for paintball scenario/woodsball around here…

      The effectives of the shot is also pretty good. It has a good range for the 11″ barrel as well…

      and another hint… Take a Remote line to get the tank out of the marker, this will make the feel of the marker even more realistic… The weight of the gun itself is enough for this and will give you a better balance.

      As one little flaw..

      I would advise to take real good care of the E-Grip, since when we play scenario around here, on real wet places, sometimes you can get the gun really wet, and due to poor seal of the section where the circuit goes, you can get it fried in no time… Just an extra care you need to be aware.

      I am very satisfied with the quality, versatility and price for this marker… You will fall in love with it..

      As I said, one of the best bank for the buck around, with great quality.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. Just about everything with the Alpha Black is great. It’s a solid marker and holds up through what you put it through. There are a couple of things that could be done better.

      1.) The allen wrench that came with it to take out the bolts that hold the gun casing together is just a little small. It seemed it was slipping a little so I tried the one that came with my Custom 98 and it was a tight fit. May seem like a little thing but if you strip those out it would not be good.

      2.) It does not come with A.C.T., Anti-Chop Technology. Mine has been chopping balls left and right. Very annoying for what I paid for it. I put in the bolt from my Custom 98, which is A.C.T., and it seems to have helped. You would think A.C.T. would be standard.
      Rating: 4 / 5

    3. This is a great marker for the value. Check out the reviews and the unlimited resources available from users at www alphablackforum com. You won’t regret buying this marker.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    4. This is as close to the real thing as you can get. I love it. The E-trigger is the only way to go,(I wish it was easier to switch between firing modes though).The shotgun effect of the three round burst is my favorite but there’s nothing like opening up on some poor slob in full auto.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    5. I own 3 other Tippmann markers besides this one. The three previous markers I have used for 4 years. I have not had any problems with any of them. So the decision to purchase this Tippmann marker was easy. Just with or without e grip was the question.

      The Alpha Black (AB) is a nice looking marker. While trying to look like the M4 or M-16 it is close, but not too close. The handle is missing the hole for the mounting of a weaver rail. Although you can easily drill the hole yourself. The front grips can have a weaver rails and grip system installed, and/or a tacticle flash light (although I do not fore see anyone really needing a tactile flashlight) Most upgrades a person can purchase for the M4, M16 or AR15 weaver system can be mount to the AB.

      With the installation of a weaver rail in the handle, a person can easily add a red dot scope or just about any 5 1/4″ mount.

      Accuracy: This marker surpasses the Tippmann’s that I have owned. Right out of the box this marker is very accurate. The paintballs that I use are the Wal-Mart, whatever is the cheapest.

      To make full use of this marker you will need a hopper that can feed paintballs. The AB has the ability to eat paint. It is very fun to pull the trigger. You will also want to get the air tank off the AB and on to your back or waist. The AB gets really heavy with the air tank sitting on the marker. You will also need extra pods. With the AB appetite for paintballs, and my itchy trigger finger, you will quickly find your hopper empty. With the tank off your back, you will need a remote line with the slide check on it.

      Unlike the M-16, AR-15 or M4, the AB does have have a selector for the type of fire mode you want. This is controlled by a small button inside the grip that you need a small allen wrench to get to.

      You will also need this allen wrench to get to the batter compartment. The connector to the battery seems easy to break.

      Overall, the AB is a great toy, and a wonderful marker. To get the most from this e grip you need to remember the extra cost for a good hopper that can feed the paint to the AB. If you are not willing to pay the extra cost for an upgraded hopper than the AB without e grip will be the marker of choice.
      Rating: 4 / 5

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