JT Sports Elite Radar Single Mask, Black
July 3, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Elite 180 Degree Field of Vision
  • Maximum Coverage of Face, Temple, Forehead, and Ears
  • Rigid Design for Real Protection

Product Description
These aggressively styled entry level masks feature the Elite 180 lens, theyre ideal for beginners to amateurs and offer unparalleled protection and are some of the safest goggle systems out there for any age or playing level. These systems are interchangeable with most JT accessories including Vortex Fan, goggle straps and Elite lenses.

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    1. I got this mask to use for airsoft, cause my friend kept doing headshots ON PURPOSE lol. So I’ve had this mask a little while now, and it’s been great. The chin strap, I prefer to bring it around the back of the head so it’s not sliding around on ya. It’s a PAIN to change the lens, and FYI you can take some sunglasses and where them under the mask (the ones that don’t stick out more than about an inch or so), so you don’t need a darker lens, but it’s nice to have it on hand anyways. The mask is very well ventilated, removable visor is nice because you don’t need it at night (unless your in alaska where it’s still like daytime at 1am) lol. The goggles don’t fog up at all unless you put the lens in front of your mouth/nose (so you can pretty much breathe up towards the lens but it shouldn’t fog up on you), but the fog goes away fairly quickly. The foam is VERY comfortable for the mask being 20bucks, it’s still stiff so it’s a SMALL SMALL SMALL tad uncomfortable, but I’ve only had it about a week so it still has to be broken in.


      Very well ventilated so you don’t over heat, but closed enough so you don’t get cold (cooler weather)

      Nice design

      Goggles rarely fog up (original lens)

      Adjustable straps

      Removable Visor

      Changeable Lens

      Light Weight

      You can hear easily out of it

      Enough space to clip a walkie talkie on the inside near the mouth (if you want to)

      At night, with a glance, this thing DOES look menacing, and it’s scared me a few times when I let a friend use it for the match XD


      Pain to change the lens


      The foam is a little slippery when it’s because it’s brand new, it’ll go away within a few uses

      Nothing else here

      So this is a great bang for the buck. It’s a great mask and I’m not gonna tell you to buy this mask like other people do like this: “BUY THIS MASK, IT’S WORTH IT”. This mask is worth it, but I’m just recommending it to people. It’s all user preference. So see if a friend has this mask and try it on (or brand mask being JT).
      Rating: 4 / 5

    2. Just purchased these masks for the holidays. There was a mistake in the products shipped. When I contacted the company, Doro Sports, they were extremely helpful & friendly and promptly fixed the situation. I’m sure we’ll be doing more purchases with this company in the future! They were a pleasure to work with!
      Rating: 5 / 5

    3. I haven’t used these yet in the field. They seem to fit much better than my other mask, and much cooler.
      Rating: 4 / 5

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