How to Play Paintball : Understand the Difference Between Professional & Recreational Paintball
May 7, 2012  |  News

Learn how playing professional paintball differs from recreational paintball, including the difference in equipment, skill levels and game play, in this free video series. Expert: Orestes Guada Contact: Bio: Orestes Guada is a professional paint ball player from Miami Rage Paintball Team in Miami, FL. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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    1. paintbalbforlife1000

      Stop braging we don’t care how much u get or?

    2. Please, somebody make a Documentary about? this guy. hahahahaha!!

    3. Mark- Hey Dave what do you do for a? living?
      Dave- I am an accountant. What about you?
      Mark- Oh I’m a Professional paintball player.

    4. MrFuzziiWuzzii

      Oh? really Chico?

    5. awkward…

    6. TheSouthPark1234

      he literally said nothing? about recreational paintball………

    7. I? watch this guy just to laugh… xD

    8. realAngrySnake

      How humuliating has it? to be, xD He needs subtitles hahaha xD


    10. “i get this for free, i get that for free, i go everywhere for free… you? know how i got there? suckin cock of course”
      this videos retarded

    11. Wiedoprodudutions

      i hate this vid?

    12. ok…
      1st. get someone who can speak beter english because personally i can’t understand a word he is saying.
      2nd. get someone who knows knows what there talking about to explain.
      3rd. explain what your title says you going? to explain.

    13. Disgusting. So are they? trying to turn new Paintballers away by explicitly telling them that they’ll have to pay for everything themselves? It may be trying to send a good message, to go pro but god it’s so very wrongly said. I hate Expert Village so very much. I sorta feel bad for Orestes Guada. They make him look like a huge douche. Maybe he’s the only one who would do it?

    14. lmao? worst vid ever

    15. lol?

    16. masterstupidity

      what the hell is? this???

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