May 9, 2012  |  News

This is the day after Hurricane Wilma struck Miami. I guess this guy didn’t get the concept of coming together when it’s needed most.

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    1. Jeepacreepah01

      Holy crap… Unarmed …and weak looking…. why would you think you could do? such a thing in South Florida… and when everyone wants to kill everyone when the power is out and the lights are messed up… Good goin .. he is lucky he didn’t get hurt that day.. I mean the idiot who got outta the car.

    2. I had the beautiful opportunity to beat the shit out of a maimi thug-ganster type right in the middle of rush hour traffick in that shit? hole of a city. I would give anything to take that candy ass preppy fuck and shove that fucking sweater down his throat and bithch slap him with his sandals. Just another asshole in a city that needs to get really fucked by something bad and see if their attitudes will change.

    3. Check out my page.. This guy looks? gay

    4. He’s balding too, maybe that’s why he’s so angry at the guy in the BMW, because he’s more than halfway through? his life and has accomplished nothing.

    5. How cute the way he ties his sweater around his shoulders and no shoes he must be a kung fu master.?

    6. wow, what a fuckin pussy?

    7. Willforgo: You would have been caught on videotape and gone to prison,? smartguy.

    8. pussies. the cunt kneeing the? car looked like a scarecrow, and the cunts ran from him.

    9. LOL? vanilla ice ass

    10. WTF was that? Some yuppie fag? “Oh? let me get out and be a tough guy but wait while I check the fucking knot in my gay ass sweater 10 times so it doesn’t blow away”…bad thing to have around his neck too…first off I’d be getting out, taking him down and choking him out w/ it

    11. wtf retype? that shit

    12. A typical miami jewish bitch…… slap and run. just like? them basturds that throw stones and run….Typical for a jew.

    13. dude if someone did to my car, especially if its a german car like BMW,? i would have beaten his ass, i cant believe the driver of the bimmer didnt do shit about it.

    14. I just love american? civilized society. We show the whole world how people should behave lol

    15. Asshole. I would’ve ran his 4 million dollar BMW off the road. Ha. Look at the sweater? on his back.

      What an asshole.

    16. That guy was seeking a life? changing experience.

    17. Just remove electricity from society and 48 hours later society? is reduced to savagery. it’s everyone for themselves. this little incident is very tame compared to what I saw people doing

    18. I’m suprised that more people were not shot after that hurricane. People were blatanty cutting others off at the gas pumps and in ice lines. You’ld wait for 4 hours in line and someone would just decide? that they deserve to nudge in front of you when it was your turn etc.


    20. I hate people like that. If someone cuts you off, suck it up princess… what a? fool

    21. man that guys does that to me he ass will be bleeding? in the ground and top of that take his care and wreck it !

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