Machine Gun Kelly makes girls strip and get on stage in Ft. Lauderdale
May 10, 2012  |  News

Credits to @officialdjej for recording.

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    1. Whats with the fatty gettin up? there?

    2. IlyPrinceOfPop

      i would throw my pants on stage just? to come on stage with him!!!! <3

    3. bunch of drunk bitches up? there hahahaha

    4. I’d fuck? the shit out of her

    5. I? wonder if hefucked all of them after the show


    7. can? a drumma get some?

    8. WereWolfSpartan

      Shit was awesome lol

    9. this was? the craziest concert ive ever been to

    10. LMAO THAT GIRL ONE THE FAR LEFT. smh plz sit? down.

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