Paintball Equipment : Learn About Paintball Hoppers & Feeders
May 12, 2012  |  News

Hoppers and feeders make it easier for you to master the various paint balling techniques. Learn how to best utilize these accessories in this free video series. Expert: Orestes Guada Bio: Orestes Guada is a professional paint ball player from Miami Rage Paintball Team in Miami, FL. He’s been playing paintball for six years, four years professionally. He is twenty one years old. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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    1. u? suck

    2. you have a angle but u cant teach what a fucking hopper? is properly -___- dont even know what a dam feed neck is

    3. i think expert village has made the most pointless videos in one year they should be taken off youtube for that thumbs up? me if you agree

    4. if only i had known you’d be just teaching “noob-knowledge”, i? wouldn’t have got in here just to watch you say VLocity’s a good hopper

    5. gianluigibuffon96

      this noob thinks he is teaching noobs like? him

    6. if i didnt know what a? hopper was, this wouldnt have helped. doesnt expert village screen these people!?!?!

    7. did they get this guy off? the street??

    8. more of this beaner? ugh jeez…?

    9. DrummerInTheHead

      fuck sake you’re meant to be explaining about hoppers not talking about the shit? gear that you own

    10. expert? village sucks

    11. Yah well they didn’t when the video was posted asshole, next time pay attention.?

    12. Pendejo?

    13. empire? prophecy ftw!

    14. Dumb ass? Mexican

    15. dumb ass? rotors exist now

    16. more like “FAIL VILLAGE”? ;)

    17. FrostPaintball

      mike from tech pb should? give him the EPIC FAIL hopepr teaching award of the year lol

    18. well said? man

    19. phail….at teaching what a hopper? is…

    20. He may be a pro, but he’s either a god awful teacher, or expert village, who are so grand at misleading titles to be more than they are, didn’t give him enough time. HOPPERS. Plural. Expert Village, plural means more? than 1. Congratulations on fail counting.

    21. he’s a? noob

    22. that is definetly? a velocity

    23. That’s a Halo?

    24. i wuz like that isnt? a vlocity lol

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