Paintball Equipment : What is an A1 Angel Paintball Marker?
May 6, 2012  |  News

Learn about the A1 Angel paintball marker and when and how to use it in this free video series. Expert: Orestes Guada Bio: Orestes Guada is a professional paint ball player from Miami Rage Paintball Team in Miami, FL. He’s been playing paintball for six years, four years professionally. He is twenty one years old. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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    1. Fucking? spic

    2. How fast is fast?? 5bps maybe?!

    3. some? expert

    4. o , a cp? grip huh

    5. LOL, this guy is quite the expert

    6. broke ass azodin blitz? ftw!

    7. broke asa azodin blitz? ftw!

    8. what are we suppose to learn from? this video?

    9. He’s a dumbass!thumbs? up if you agree.

    10. Thanks man learned a lot….? Hahaha JK

    11. this guy? no nothing aboout paintball

    12. hey look its one of? them space alien types

    13. This video? is complete garbage. If I was new or looking for information on this gun I would have learnt nothing.

    14. This video is complete
      garbage. If I was new or looking for information on this gun I would have learnt nothing.

    15. MrPinkducttape

      Expert village is retarded.?

    16. Yo,? it shoots real fast and it has different modes, and…

    17. longhairedpaintballa

      pretty good gun that? gun is excelent for 900 $ you better get more than “a good gun”

    18. techpb all the way at least mike know what? an asa is!

    19. never breaks? what wdp company did you buy that from??

    20. haha grip and mount when he pointed at the reg and asa lol?

    21. except? for yoyo videos

    22. TeslasWolfQuest

      This? was informative.

    23. TeslasWolfQuest

      This? was informative.

    24. MrMayonnaise999

      What a fkn tard, why would you own that marker when you? don’t even know what half of that stuff is on it… I HATE PAINTBALL DUMBASSES!

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