Tippmann 98 Custom PS Paintball Gun Marker MEGA Set
May 2, 2012  |  Rage Store

  • Tippmann 98 Custom paintball Marker
  • Complete paintball kit with marker, tank,loader, harness, extra paint tubes, and goggles
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Product Description
Description The 98 Custom is our entry level, fully customizable marker. The main feature is the ease of customizing the marker. The 98 custom combines all the great features of the model 98 with the ability to accept The Flatline Barrel System, The Response Trigger System, the Egrip in newer markers and the Comp-Air Low Pressure System. All of these Tippmann Systems can be installed with the same tools that you use to disassemble the marker. We are sure the 98 custom is the most customizable marker you can buy. What’s Included in the Box New 2006 Tippmann 98 Custom Marker 98 Custom Barrel 20oz Tank with pin valve GXG Stealth Mask with Visor & Anti Fog Lens 6+1 Deluxe Paintball Harness 6 – 140 Round Heavy Duty Tubes Premium 1 oz Empire Oil 21″ Jerk Squeegee(color varies) Ammo Hopper Wrenches Oil Manual Standard Squeegee One Year Warranty from TippmannAmazon.com

A secure front site spring makes it easier to service and reassemble the marker.

This fully-loaded set of paintball gear, from industry leader Tippmann, comes with everything you need to hit the course with marker blazing, including:

  • Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Marker
  • 200-round hopper
  • 20-ounce PMI/Spyder tank with pin valve
  • GXG XVSN protective mask with visor and anti-fog lens
  • Deluxe paintball harness
  • Six 140-round heavy duty tubes
  • One ounce of oil
  • 21-inch jerk squeegee
  • Required wrenches

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