TippmannTP420 Goggle
May 2, 2012  |  Rage Store

  • Full-face protection, wide-angle view goggle for airsoft and paintball
  • Thermo cured anti-fog lens for improved visibility and easy cleaning
  • Wide 160 degree vertical, 260 degree horizontal range of view
  • Ergonomic design for comfort during long scenario games
  • Quick and easy lens replacement

Product Description
The new lightweight AL-200 loader with 200 round capacity features continuous agitation technology that delivers up to 10 BPS. The AL-200 low profile design also features, LED on/off low battery indicator, quiet operation, adjustable O-ring neck to fit most markers and a snap fit wide mouth lid.Amazon.com
The TP420 Goggle from Tippmann offers high-level face and eye protection for fierce competition. The goggle features a thermo cured anti-fog lens with a 160 degree vertical range of view and a 260 degree horizontal range of view, to ensure maximum visibility even in extreme conditions. The goggle provides an ergonomic design with a comfortable fit for long scenario games. Built to last, the goggle lens can be replaced quickly and easily with just a flip of two locking tabs on either side.

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