May 7, 2010  |  Rage Store

  • Removable body so you can wear it on your right or left leg
  • Fully adjustable leg strap
  • Extreme nylon
  • Front pouch has room for additional magazine

Product Description
for over a decade, the 98 Custom has earned a reputation built on durability and reliability. The Platinum series takes this marker to a whole new level, allowing you to build your own reputation in no time. it will literally take you just seconds to upgrade your speed, accuracy and looks. Add an e-Grip, or the Flatline barrel, or maybe a stock – it’s fast and easy.

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    1. When I got this it did not come with the clasp show on the picture, mine had a long velcro strap that loops around your belt and reattachs to itself. The one end that is intially attached to the holster has mini straps attached to it that loop thru a section of the holster to secure it. The velcro loop for your belt is WAY to long and will allow the holster to shift into weird positions on your leg when running. An easy fix for this problem is to use a sewing machine or sewing needle and sew the strap together right above the holster so that a belt can still be looped thru it and it can be adjusted to your right or left leg but it doesn’t have as much play to shift with. The holster also comes with 2 long velcro straps that go around your thigh to keep the gun attached to you, they tended to slide down a bit on me but that may have been because of the extra slack on the belt loop. The extra CO2 compartment is nice but not really needed as the gun can use about 2 clips on 1 cartridge. The extra clip pocket is the best touch to the holster.
      Rating: 5 / 5

    2. The Tippmann TPX holster is, both, left and right side functional but it does have an issue. The holster has an extra Velcro-attached pouch which is able to hold extra 12 grams C02 cartridges. There are the three storage slots that are sewn across the back and the pouch has enough room in front to squeeze in three more cartridges. The flaw is that the weight of a full pouch pulls on the Velcro from the top down at a stand still and if a player were to start jogging or running, the jarring impacts of the leg pounding at the ground may be enough for the pouch to tear loose on its own. Having the pouch detach during a game would be a disaster for any player.
      Rating: 4 / 5

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