Paintball Equipment : How to Best Utilize a Pod Holster While Paintballing
May 7, 2012  |  News

Pod holsters make it easier for you to master the various paint balling techniques. Learn how to best utilize these accessories in this free video series. Expert: Orestes Guada Bio: Orestes Guada is a professional paint ball player from Miami Rage Paintball Team in Miami, FL. He’s been playing paintball for six years, four years professionally. He is twenty one years old. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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    1. dynasty need to sign him up. dont let him get? away…he knows now to refill his hopper.

    2. Wow, I just watched the video, he isn’t hard to understand at all, who the fuck is? going to expert village for paintball videos? These are ment for people that are just getting into the sport and have probably never seen a pack before unless their field rents them. If you want actual tips on how to best utilize a pack, go to TechPB’s vids, the correct title for this video should be “What is a pack in paintball?” not how to best utilize a pack.

    3. No, not at all, I have no hispanic person in my ancestry anywhere, I did find him a bit? more difficult to understand than a US citizen should be, I just find it idioitc that people are insulting someones playing skills based on how well he speaks english, like wtf? It just doesn’t make sense, has anybody heard of russian legion, I’ve talked to them before, yah they don’t speak english very well, but they’re all super nice down to earth people, and they’re amazing at paintball.

    4. im guessing your Hispanic too… man were only saying that they should of gotten some one more appropriate? for this i mean some one thats easier to understand his English…

    5. i highly doubt this? fucking retard is on Miami Rage

    6. LOL, All the people are calling this guy an idiot, he’s currently on Miami Rage, he’s? played for about 4 other pro teams too, your welcome to go play him on an X ball field, he’ll kick your ass in under a minute. You guys are the idiots, what just because he’s South American and was born into a spanish speaking household and isn’t the best english speaker he sucks at paintball, well last time I checked its how good you are on the field, not what language you speak.

    7. the field? u r at is urban ASSult

    8. guitarmikeguitar

      this guy needs to get the fuck off? youtube.

    9. this guy? is retarded

    10. DaMarvelousOne25

      dude you got a fucked up name! you hadjii. thanks for teachin everybody how to pull a pod out of your pack now my retarded neighbor knows how to use one?

    11. even though he probably doesnt know what hes talking about or doing. Thats how most? tournament players have there pod harness any higher and it makes it harder to pull them out and they dig into your back ;D

    12. just cause?

    13. you might wanna pull your pack up? a little bit haha

    14. why do some pod packs have? the pod holders upside down and some have the holders on the side(horizontal)?

    15. n00b?

    16. with all the videos with this guy he only talks about? his equipment and not the equipment overall


    18. 1. copy and paste
      2. send this to other 9 videos
      3.?? hold your breath for 10 seconds
      4. press refresh twice

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