Paintball Equipment : Learn What Jerseys are Best to Wear When Paintballing
May 11, 2012  |  News

Wearing something that establishes what team you’re on and that perhaps camouflages you from your “enemies” can be valuable elements to take into consideration when choosing the proper jersey for paintballing. Learn more in this free video series. Expert: Orestes Guada Bio: Orestes Guada is a professional paint ball player from Miami Rage Paintball Team in Miami, FL. He’s been playing paintball for six years, four years professionally. He is twenty one years old. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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    1. TheDEERHUNTER11

      depending on what game ur playing if u play speedball wich im guessing this is what? he uses this jersey for u can wear neon yellow if u wanted to

    2. its? looks pretty bad ass but take it from a marine,you dont want to wear that shit. you will be spotted from a mile away.

    3. MrTacoAteYoCookies

      Whatttttt? u use jerseys in paintball. i never? knew

    4. What did I learn from? this?….you like your jersey….thanks for nothing

    5. How dare you sully the good name of shit sir. I would liken this more to a? sweaty nutsack after playing a tournament in 110 degree heat, if that nutsack was wearing a jersey from some shit team in Miami.

    6. Hola me? llamo Orestes Guada.

    7. Xternal Sports tell Christian Desert? Kings sent ya!

    8. What a fucking idiot,that fucking jersey isnt worth 100 bucks,now jersey cost that much even if it cost that much it isnt worth it,just go buy a planet eclipse,empire jersey they have more paddings? then his shit.

    9. thanks for not explaining shit you? fucking gangbanging spic, all you did was promote your team and jersey…go back to guadalajara

    10. expert village can suck a dick?

    11. he should? explain jerseys ig to the ppl and not just promote his own….

    12. all he did was talk about? HIS jersey, like wtf?

    13. you try super manning into snake wearing jeans and? a tshirt

    14. suicidalreject432

      i? expected more…this video sucked

    15. teamnightcrawlers

      does anyone here know were i can order a custom paintball jersey, with my team name, and are? last names on it?
      plz reply asap

    16. wow they even? gget paid to do these videos.

    17. u dont learn? shit about jerseys

    18. Lol,? he just shows off his gear.

    19. yea, but the? paintball pants help because they have knee pads on them

    20. tell? me about it.
      this guy is fucking useless as shit

    21. i know the guy is talkin about wut HE uses and he’s no help but if u wanna good jersey get a Dye…real good…and Susie369 is right? too…u can have just as much fun in white T and jeans :)

    22. hahaha! yeah, and the thing is, you can have just as much fun in jeans and a white? Tshirt as you can in all that heavy duty, $300 stuff…

    23. agree with you guys, thanks for this vid, now i know what jersey i should buy, a Miami Rage Jersey with? Guada in the back, great help…….

    24. that was complete shit! all you did was advertise your team….thats for? the info…NOT!

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