Paintball Equipment : How to Best Utilize Masks While Paintballing
June 26, 2011  |  News

Masks can keep you safe from incurring dangerous paintball injuries to your face and shoot be warn anytime a paintball gun is in use. Learn more in this free video series. Expert: Orestes Guada Bio: Orestes Guada is a professional paint ball player from Miami Rage Paintball Team in Miami, FL. He’s been playing paintball for six years, four years professionally. He is twenty one years old. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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    1. Wow something that doesn’t have miami rage on it

    2. No i dont want to dodge i want to see the paint and stand still in front of it like a complete moron. -.-

    3. go take an english class beaner

    4. ChrisDokProductions

      @guitarmikeguitar he does know whta hes talking about, hes on miami rage FYI…
      his videos are just complete shit haha

    5. He’s on Miami Rage, and has previously been on other pro teams, do you guys know ANYTHING about paintball, yah he can’t speak english very well, no shit he’s not from the U.S. or the U.K. Maybe next time know what the fuck your talking about before posting an idiotic comment like that.

    6. guitarmikeguitar

      i Cant beleave this fuck is really acting like he knows about paintball.”make sure it dosent go down or up”. ummmm thanks dude i never would of thought of that.

    7. that was informative….

    8. I dont doubt that he can probly play paintball well. But he is a horrible teacher. I think its in mass agreement that this guy sounds like an idiot in everyone of his videos you stupid mother fucker.

    9. check out his videos hes on miami rage hes so sick

    10. this guy gets paid for not even giving tips. a maual can do better

    11. I hardly comment videos, but i have to say that all this guy does is piss me off, with his poor english. And he comes off as a total Fukin noob.

    12. i wear glasses under my mask and it feels OK, the glasses sometimes slide around my face or come loose.

    13. mikerickproductions

      wow i feel much smarter

    14. Derangedmonkey666

      ya, you can wear glasses under a mask but it wont be as comfertable as contacts. bonus though is you cant get dirt in your eye via a stray contact. both have plus/negative sides

    15. we all kniw the basics of a mask, if noone has informed you of the needs of a mask, take a grape and smash it with your hand. your hand is a paintball, and the grape is your eye. do you noobs still not want to wear a mask?

    16. can you wear glasses under them

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