extreme rage fl woodsball paintball
May 11, 2012  |  News

down on sheridan in florida paintball

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    1. @ishootaclone? o rlly?

    2. i will poop? on u guys in woods at rage

    3. Was there today with my? friend!

    4. privategramcracker01

      Is this near miami? Or is it far??

    5. Im? guessing you’ve never been to CFP

    6. 42ndairsoftcompany

      best field in florida

    7. pimpasaurus4221

      yea,? at 7 pm

    8. Airsofters? be going to extreme rage right on saturdays?

    9. You people rly should move up.? Its one of the most main things to winning a woods ball game.

    10. u guys got the gear to be pros, but u guys were actin? like pussys, move up dont long shot from the back, u gotta move up at least 10 feet, ive played there a couple times and you guys stayed in the way back, its a pretty good sized field

    11. this kid is? such a camper

    12. nice skills!?

    13. love that this place has no shooting limit i ramp my slg 2010 at 20bps? without a problem there, my bro ramps his dm9 35 bps and my other bro uses his bob long victory marq 30 bps and his ego 10 35 bps and my dad uses his luxe 30 bps

      i am the only one with a bad gun because my parents said no to buying another paintball gun so i saved up money and bought one myself

    14. was there earlier? today

    15. Extreme? Rage is awesome, I played Airsoft there last night.

    16. i was at rage today for my first time holy shit pain tballings? my new hobby bitch!

    17. I don’t mean to hate on this video, I love this park and I have to admit this video was? entertaining…. but how come you were not advancing forward? there is no more fun than putting pressure on your enemy when u get closer to them, and then use team work to flank em and shoot em from both sides…

    18. AdrianAwesome69

      u guys go airsoft there on saturday at 7-12 they let you only? saturday tho

    19. this where i went? yesturday

    20. i went today it was so awsome plus it was my first time playing paintball we won today also my friend? told me to go to the next bunker then i slide threw the dirt and dirt started to flow

    21. lose? the ion

    22. take? the music out

    23. I’m loving how the camera guy is giving away your position the entire? time just standing right behind you. Lol.

    24. TheKillatrilla

      ur good at? paintball

    25. YEP I KNow jaydawg he my neighbor? he used to paintball he longboards and skateboards around my neighbor hood we friends

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