Extreme rage miami game 4
May 5, 2012  |  News

Lol my gun jammed sory….also the rules were cant pass the fifty and no bunkering

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    1. andres why do you like this guys videos they all sucks? wow

    2. alright!?

    3. hahaha and sorry i said tip-man i know its not spaced but my auto speller? did that! and i love your videos i subscribed so can you sub me??

    4. cause? i can :D

    5. why ru using a? tip man?

    6. @rynopaintball, dude even though this was 2 years ago,? it dosent matter, it still was a completly shit slide, you cant even snap shoot, jesus christ, you need to play more agressive, and tipman isent a good speedball gun, it isent light, and its more of a woodsball type of marker, lol, ( best gun on the market, ).

    7. i play? here

    8. lol?

    9. lxXHecticAngelXxl

      wtf are u saying best gun on the market bro i have one its amazing and works great but never close to the best … are u know it all type player?

    10. its patric lol shut? up

    11. this was almost two years? ago..use your common sense

    12. learn to slide?

    13. hahahahahah thats funny…..?

    14. yes its the best gun? on the market…

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