Spyder MRX Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
May 4, 2012  |  Rage Store

  • Mil-Sim Style Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
  • “DLS” Dual Loading System (Patent Pending)
  • Super Air Efficient Eko Valve System (Patent Pending)
  • 10 Round Magazine
  • Barrel Shroud with Front Sight and Picatinny Rail Mounting

Product Description
To celebrate 20 years of commitment from the paintball community, the 2012 Spyder MRX will be released as Kingman’s 20th Anniversary commemorative special edition scenario marker. Designed to exceed your expectations, The .68 Caliber Spyder MRX is the newest addition to Kingman’s MR Series scenario paintball markers. This tactical powerhouse delivers a realistic military look including an adjustable car stock, carry handle mount with sight, a standard equipped Eko Valve which offers the most extreme air efficiency available in the paintball market, plus multiple picatinny rails for endless scenario modifications. Accessory add-ons will be available; allowing each player to configure a scenario marker geared for their style of play. The Spyder MRX comes packed with revolutionary features including an innovative “DLS” Dual Loading System. This unique patent pending system enables you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel; the Spyder MRX allows the user to switch between a traditional upper load feed system and all-new lower magazine feed system during play.

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